Dokumentations- und Informationszentrum (DIZ) Emslandlager



In 1985 the 'Action Comitee Society' Emsland Camps established the Document and Information Center in an old local farmhouse in Papenburg/Germany. With the support of the County Council of Emsland, the City of Papenburg and the State of Lower Saxony the new building was inaugurated in september 1993. In order to honour the former convicts in the new center an international meeting had been organized at the same time.
The new permanent exhibition, financed by the 'Action Comitee Society' and the State of Lower Saxony, gives an overview on the history of the Emsland Camps between 1933 and 1945.
Furthermore there are lecture and meeting-rooms as well as offices and a library, specialized on Nazi-time-history literatur, photo-grafic documents, films and records.

In November 2011 the Document and Information Center in Papenburg was closed and moved to Memorial Camp Esterwegen.